Let me guess, you’re here because your iPad is scratched in some way?   Well you have come to the right place!  We have dedicated this website to sharing ideas and techniques about how to remove iPad scratches and restore the surface of your device.

We’ve searched the web for content sources to assemble this website for your benefit.   The ideas contained here are not all ours, although it would nice to take credit for the information, we cannot.   For that reason any information, product or information published on this website comes with no warranty, express or implied, or any liability accepted by us.  You are using this information at your own risk. [Disclaimer]

There are many scratch removal methods out there and most of them work, however our advice to you is to try the method on a small area of your iPad first.  If at all possible find a piece of similar sacrificial material to test the process on thoroughly before going open slather on your iPad.  This way you will be able to assess the how much product to use, how much pressure to apply and how many repeated applications you will need before the desired result is achieved.

Some of the techniques contained on this website are generic techniques to remove scratches from plastic and glass surface generally.  In other words, have an open mind when considering how these techniques may help you with your iPad scratch repair.

Important “Must Not Do!”

Do not clean you iPad with thinners, acetone, turpentine, mentholated spirit, hydrocarbon or any chemical or cleaning product that you are not sure about.  We have provided links to recommended cleaning products.

Some automotive cutting compounds may to be too abrasive and may leave fine scratches behind, so avoid these unless you have experience in staged cutting.   Ultra fine compounds may be suitable, however should be tested on another surface first.  Cream cleaners such as Jiff should be avoided.   Never use steel wool or scourers to work any surface of your iPad.

You can remove most scratches from you device, except those significant scratches that have cut deep. 

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